One small portion of LHC, Cern.

When I was a young student, in High School, I was totally fascinated by the Philosophy of the “Century of Enlightenment”.

It is probably to that period that comes the idea that, more or less, Human Kind is progressing towards a better future, based on what Science can bring.

Now, every day in my country, I see signs that could bring me to think that it is not always true, or at least most people don’t think and don’t want so.

But, I can remember when I was a young student in Physics, more than 30 years ago. Even if you were excited at the vast amount of things that you could discover and learn, the only source, in addition to books and scientific papers, were the conferences you could attend to the university.

Now, for young students like my two wonderful daughters, Internet gives opportunities that were simply not thinkable 30 and more years ago.

And Mathematics gives many more tools to understand the physical world that we had in the past.

Machine Learning, the idea that you can “teach” to a computer how to identify, categorize using examples, is one of the exciting things that we label as “Artificial Intelligence”.

And MooC Courses, like the one you find on Coursera, are an opportunity to look around, and not to constrain your thinking by the physical limits of your Country. You need only the time and willingness.

Today, I have found one “terrific” course. How to apply Machine Learning to the Physics of High Energy in LHC.

If you love Physics and you have time, have at least a look: