If you’re interested and want to experiment in IoT field, if you have been fascinated by Arduino and the Maker’s World, one natural target is Home Automation. At least, it has worked this way for me.

But then, I thought: we spend so much time in our Home and we don’t always know if it is the ideal and healthier environment.

For example, these are some questions I wanted to answer:

  • Is the temperature too high? The humidity too low?
  • What is the Air Quality in the kitchen?
  • Is there any gas leak?

Yes, I could buy some dedicated widget, like for example Netatmo Home Coach, but in that way I would miss the ability to customize the solution and it would make difficult to integrate it in a bigger solution. That’s the reason why, after some initial experiments, I finally decided to build my own.

One of my preferred subject is Internet of Things.

I love it, mainly because it is the link between the Digital and the Physical world, and I started working with Computers (well, a long way ago) in the final year of my Physics studies, where one of the goal of my thesis was to control a laser, a set of sensors and actuators with a computer (Oh, you wouldn’t believe but it was an Intel 80286, and it was enough).

Another reason is that I really see Internet of Things as a paradigm to build solutions with the goal of improving the quality of life. Simply try to image what in the near future could be done: better and smarter cities, buildings, more safety, a better and more comfortable living environment and so on.

Then, as part of my job (I work for Oracle as a Cloud Architect) I have, from time to time, to contribute to demos to show how our Cloud technologies can be used to develop complete solutions.