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I decided to start this project some months ago.

Eclipse Kura is a framework designed to build IoT Gateways and IoT applications with an Edge component.

Kura can run on many un-expensive devices (I have tried RPI 3 and Intel NUC with Ubuntu, it works on UP-2). But it is also the Open Source base for Eurotech offering of industrial IoT Gateways. It is an important piece of Eclipse IoT offering and therefore is, in my opinion, one of the most relevant Open Source project in IoT space. For example you’ll find contribution to Kura from people coming from Red Hat, Eurotech, Bosch.

These are the main reason why I started to work on an OSGi (Kura is based on OSGi) bundle providing integration between Kura and Oracle IoT CS.

What you get from it.

It is a bundle that you can install in Kura in 3 minutes. After that, if you have access to an Oracle IoT Cloud Service (for example a trial instance) and you have a sensor (using Arduino) that can send data through MQTT, you can easily start to send data to Oracle IoT and, for example, manage these data using our Assett Monitoring application.

I think that you can easily use this project as the starting point to build a production-ready IoT Gateway, integrated with Oracle IoT CS.

Now the links:

This the link to the GitHub repository of the project:

This is the link to one article on Medium, written by me, where you’ll find more details about the project and how to use it:

The Wiki

The Github repository of the project has also a Wiki where you can find information, divided by categories. There is one page listing the most relevant limitations (there are always limits) I’m currently aware of.

New features added recently

December 2018

  • It works in Kura 4.0
  • It works on Intel NUC with Ubuntu 18 LTS
  • It supports multiple DeviceModels, together
  • Added support for storing incoming messages in local MySQL DB, through another bundle (soon in Github)