An introduction, with examples and tools, to the use of Oracle IoT Cloud Service.



With this article I would like to provide a set of information, notes, examples to allow those who want to start experimenting with the Internet of Things(IoT) technologies and to do so using Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

How to integrate a 3d printer in my Home Automation.


My daughter and I have bought a good 3D printer, a Creality Ender 3 since a couple of weeks. The setup and first print tests have taken the first week, producing a good level of satisfaction but, having passed the “how to make it work“, I went to the stage” find out what we can do more (than normal)“.

In this first article I want to explain how I thought of integrating the printer into a larger system (we are talking about IoT), so that you can remotely control, during printing process, the parameters that determine the correct operation.


In one of my previous articles, about the Home Automation System I have built for myself, I have spent some time describing the entire Architecture and the SW modules. See it here, if you haven’t read.

Regarding the HW used for Sensors’ Nodes, I haven’t said too much. I used an old Intel Edison, a Particle Photon (good one) and some Arduino MKR 1000.

Now, it is time for Rome Maker Faire 2018 event and therefore I have decided to start a new evolution for my Home Automation. Here I want to describe, in some length, the main changes I have decided to make.

Here the up-to-date information about the project



I decided to start this project some months ago.

Eclipse Kura is a framework designed to build IoT Gateways and IoT applications with an Edge component.

Kura can run on many un-expensive devices (I have tried RPI 3 and Intel NUC with Ubuntu, it works on UP-2). But it is also the Open Source base for Eurotech offering of industrial IoT Gateways. It is an important piece of Eclipse IoT offering and therefore is, in my opinion, one of the most relevant Open Source project in IoT space. For example you’ll find contribution to Kura from people coming from Red Hat, Eurotech, Bosch.

In this article I describe an integration between Eclipse Kura and Oracle IoT. (last update: 15/12/2018, English version).


In the context of a Proof of Concept realized for a customer, to show how you can implement a client for Oracle IoT Cloud, integrated in an OSGi-based Gateway, I decided to adopt the Open framework Eclipse Kura and I have developed a working version of the integration.

At a later time, we decided to adopt Kura for a demo project based on the concept of Smart CityOracle Proxima City.

Finally, the integration achieved was described in the first version of the IoT Workshop held in Rome in September 2018.

In this short article I have documented how the integration has been developed. A pointer to the Github repository with the code is provided.